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Name DT Name Conway Name Gauss Notation
Name Rank DT Notation Conway Notation Tetrahedral Census Name
PD Notation DT Rank
3D Presentations and Properties
Adequate Braid Notation Pretzel Notation Small or Large
Almost Alternating Fibered Quasialternating Symmetry Type
Alternating Monodromy Seifert Matrix Two-Bridge Notation
Boundary Slopes Montesinos Notation
3D Numeric Invariants
Arc Index Crosscap Number Nakanishi Index Tunnel Number
Braid Index Crossing Number Stick Number Turaev Genus
Braid Length Determinant Super Bridge Index Unknotting Number
Bridge Index Genus-3D Thurston-Bennequin Number Width
Clasp Number Morse-Novikov Number Torsion Numbers
Positivity and Strong Quasipositivity
Positive Braid Positive SQ-Positive Q-Positive
Pos. Braid Notation Pos. PD Notation SQ-Postive Braid Q-Positive Braid
4D Numeric Invariants smooth unless indicated algebraic (Alg.) or topologial (Top.)
Arf Invariant Concordance Order Concordance Genus (Top.) Genus-4D (Top.)
Clasp Number-4D Concordance Order (Alg.) Double Slice Genus Signature
Crosscap Number-4D Concordance Order (Top.) Genus-4D Signature function
Crosscap Number-4D (Top.) Concordance Genus
Heegaard Floer and Khovanov Invariants
Epsilon Nu Khovanov Rasmussen s
L-space Ozsvath-Szabo tau Khovanov Torsion
Polynomial Invariants
Alexander Conway Jones Kauffman
A-Polynomial HOMFLY
Vector Polynomial Invariants (click to view)
Alexander (vector) Conway (vector) Jones (vector) Kauffman (vector)
A-Polynomial HOMFLY (vector) Khovanov (vector) Khovanov Torsion (vector)
Hyperbolic Invariants
Chern-Simons Invariant Longitude Length Meridian Length Max. Cusp Volume
Full Symmetry Group Longitude Translation Meridinal Translation Volume
Other Short Geodesics

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