KnotInfo Download Files

KnotInfo Database. KnotInfo invariants are kept in an Excel Spreadsheet. For each invariant, there are two columns: one has the value of the invariant, the other has possible links to references. It should not be hard to isolate out the data of interest. The file is roughly 70MB : Database of knot invariants.

3D-coordinates. Three dimensional coordinates that are used in the 3-d diagrams are available at the link 3D-coordinates. The file is 46MB .

Diagrams. The diagrams in KnotInfo are png and svg files. The full collection can be downloaded as two separate compressed files, each roughly 40MB. Unpacked they contain about 9,000 files: for each knot there is a diagram of the knot, its mirror image, and a thumbnail sketch. The two downloads are: Knot Diagrams - Knotscape and Knot Diagrams - Snappy.

PD notation, through 16 crossings. We have placed the PD notation for all prime knots through 16 crossings in a single text file. The PD notation was generating using Snappy, starting with the DT notation posted on KnotAtlas. Compressed = 40MB; Unzipped = 382MB. PD notation - 16 crossings.